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Safeguarding and Child protection

Safeguarding and Child Protection

• Policy Statement
• Responding to suspicions of abuse
• Recording suspicions of abuse and disclosures
• Informing parents
• Making a referral to local safeguarding children board
• Allegations against staff
• Disciplinary action
• Training
• Safer Recruitment
• Alcohol and medication
• Mobile Phones
• Cameras: photography and images
• Ratios
• Uncollected Child
• Intimate/Personal care
• Behavioural expectations to ensure children are safe and to ensure false accusations are avoided.
• The Prevent Duty
Safeguarding and
Child protection

Policy Statement

All Saints Pre-School will work with children, parents and the community to ensure the rights and safety of children and to give them the very best start in school life.
All staff at the Pre-School have participated in child protection training and are aware of the procedures that are involved when dealing with child protection issues.
The overall responsibility that co-ordinates child protection issues is:

Julie Ryder.

All staff and parents are made aware of our safeguarding policies and procedures.
We provide adequate and appropriate staffing resources and training to meet the needs of all children. Staff, students and voluntary workers are subject to ‘enhanced disclosure’ checks with the Disclosure and Barring Servic before posts can be confirmed unless a recent DBS is available in respect of another setting then this will be kept on file until DBS is cleared with All Saints Pre-School. Where applications are rejected because of information that has been disclosed, applicants have the right to know and to challenge incorrect information. We abide by Ofsted requirements in respect of references and Disclosure and Barring Service checks for staff and students, to ensure that no disqualified person or unsuitable person works at the setting or has access to the children. Students and voluntary workers are not allowed to work with the children unsupervised.

All visitors to the setting are only allowed entry onto the premises either by the Manager or Deputy Manager where proof of identity will be asked for. All visitors will sign our visitor’s book and no unauthorised person will have unsupervised access to the children.

Responding to suspicions of abuse

At the Pre-School we acknowledge that abuse of children can take different forms – physical, emotional, and sexual and neglect. When children are suffering from any type of abuse it often is demonstrated through the things they say (direct or indirect disclosure) or through changes in their appearance, their behaviour, or their play. Where such evidence is apparent, the child’s key worker will make a dated record of the details of the concern this will then be reported to Julie Ryder who is the designated person or Deborah Stewart, in her absence who is the Deputy designated person. The information will be stored on the child’s personal file however, epending on the evidence in some cases the situation will be discussed with the parents/carers or we may refer our concerns directly to the Local Authority’s ‘Referral and Assessment Team –and we will co-operate fully in any subsequent investigation. This may mean the police or another agency identified by the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board. Please note that care will be taken ensuring that we do not influence the outcome either through the way we speak to children or by asking questions of children.

If there is a social worker or any other agency involved with a child we will follow good practice and contact the relevant professional accordingly.

Recording suspicions of abuse and disclosures

Where a child makes comments to a member of staff that gives cause for concern (disclosure), observes signs or signals that gives cause for concern, such as significant changes in behaviour; deterioration in general well-being; unexplained bruising, marks or signs of possible abuse or neglect, that member of staff will;

• listen to the child, offer reassurance
• The child will not be questioned
• A written record will be made as soon as ever possible – if there is a time delay the reason for the delay will also be recorded. The report will include:
• the date and time of the observation or the disclosure;
• the exact words spoken by the child as far as possible;
• the name of the person to whom the concern was reported, with date and time
• The names of any other person present at the time.
• These records are signed and dated and kept in the child’s personal file which is kept securely and confidentially.

Informing parents

Parents are normally the first point of contact. However, this depends on the nature of the child protection issue and it may be that we have to refer to the Referral and Assessment Team who will take over and the investigating officer will inform parents. In emergencies it may be that we go straight to the Police.

Making a referral to local safeguarding children board

In cases of extreme concern then the Assessment and Referral team should be contacted without delay to:

0191 4332410, 2349, 3417, 2505 – Office time
0191 4770844 – Out of hours

The allegation will be examined and the duty Social Worker will act on it accordingly and we will co-operate fully as needed. Even if the matter is not perused it is a requirement that we inform Ofsted of the allegations and any action that has been taken, this needs to be done within 14 days.

Allegations against staff

If an allegation of abuse is brought forward against a member of staff, either by a child, parent or another member of staff then the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) will be informed immediately:

Nicolas Leon – 0191 4333554

This will also be reported to Ofsted and a full report will be made – signed and dated. The Pre-School will co-operate fully with the investigation.

Where the management agree that it is appropriate in the circumstances, the manager will suspend the member of staff, or the student, for the duration of the investigation. This is not an indication of admission that the alleged incident has taken place, but is to protect the staff as well as children and families throughout the process.
In any circumstance of allegations of abuse the Pre – School will continue to welcome the child and the family whilst investigations are being made in relation to any alleged abuse. We will follow the Child Protection Plan as set by the child’s social care worker in relation to the setting’s designated role and tasks in supporting that child and their family, subsequent to any investigation.
Confidential records kept on a child are shared with the child’s parents or those who have parental responsibility for the child in accordance with the Confidentiality and Client Access to Records procedure and only if appropriate under the guidance of the Local Safeguarding Children Board.

Disciplinary action
Where a member of staff is dismissed from the setting because of misconduct relating to a child, we will follow the Pre-Schools disciplinary procedure as set out in the Staff Handbook. Ofsted will be notified immediately so that the name may be included on the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults Barred List.

It is the Pre-Schools policy that all staff have had relevant child protection training and this is kept up to date as and when required – every three years for staff and every two years for the designated person and the deputy. This is monitored by the Pre-School manager.

Safer Recruitment
As a practice robust recruitment procedures in checking the suitability of staff, volunteers, assistance to work with children are in place such as:

 They will complete an application form
 provide two referees, including at least one who can comment on the applicant’s suitability to work with children
 provide evidence of identity and qualifications
 be interviewed
 be checked through the Disclosure and Barring Service as appropriate

All new members of staff will undergo an induction that includes familiarisation with the setting’s safeguarding and child protection policy and identification of their own safeguarding and child protection training needs. All staff sign to confirm they have read and understood the child protection policy once a year or when any changes or amendments are made.

Alcohol and medication
All staff are required to advise management of any change in circumstances and if they are taking any medication. Under no circumstances is alcohol allowed on the premises and anyone who is thought to have consumed alcohol during working hours or appears not to be fit for work due to alcohol, drugs or medication, will be immediately suspended pending an investigation. This is also detailed in the Staff Handbook.

Mobile Phones

All Saints Pre-School does not allow staff to have their mobile phones in their possession during working hours. Phones are to be switched off and handed in to the Management office and will remain there until the member of staff leaves the premises. Further details of this can be found in the Staff Handbook.

The Pre-School’s mobile phone is strictly for business use and does not have a camera on it.

Cameras: photography and images

The vast majority of people who take or view photographs or videos of children do so for entirely innocent, understandable and acceptable reasons. Sadly, some people abuse children through taking or using images, so we must ensure that we have some safeguards in place. To protect children therefore we will:
 obtain parents’ and carers’ consent for photographs to be taken or published (for example, on our website or in newspapers or publications)
 use only the child’s first name with an image
 ensure that children are appropriately dressed
 ensure the setting’s designated camera is only used in the setting
 Images taken on the setting’s camera will not be emailed as it may not be secure.
 ensure parents and carers are not permitted to take photographs of the children in the setting unless prior consent has been obtained by the manager for example for a special event, such as a Christmas play
 ensure that if photographs or videos of children are to be taken in the setting, the setting’s own equipment will be used
 ensure all cameras used are open to scrutiny

Robust procedures are in place to ensure that child staff ratios are always adhered to. This has been inspected by Ofsted and they were extremely satisfied with the Pre-Schools procedures’.

Uncollected Child
Parental contact numbers are kept in the manager’s office, in each individual child’s file. In the event of a child being uncollected the manager/deputy will telephone parents within 15 minutes of the expected collection time. If no answer is received and no further contact numbers are available then a decision will be made as to whether or not to contact the Assessment and Referral Team – 0191 433 2525.

Throughout this process we will ensure that the child is reassured and remains calm. No derogatory comments about the late arrival of the parent/carer will be made to the child.

The manager will prepare a report on the situation who will be responsible for forwarding it to the Assessment and Referral Team and OFSTED if deemed appropriate.
Intimate/Personal care

Children’s dignity will be preserved and a level of privacy ensured. The normal process of nappy changing should not raise child protection concerns. There are no regulations that indicate that a second member of staff must be available to supervise the nappy changing process to ensure that abuse does not occur, but we ensure that staff do not leave themselves vulnerable and will always work in an open environment by avoiding private or unobserved situations or closing doors to toilet areas.

Two members of staff will be required if nappy changes are needed during parents dropping off and picking up times due to the location of the changing areas.

Behavioural expectations to ensure children are safe and to ensure false accusations are avoided.

Whilst caring for other people’s children, we are in a position of trust and our responsibilities to them and the ‘organisation’ must be uppermost in practitioners’ minds at all times.

We do not:
 use any kind of physical punishment or chastisement such as smacking, hitting or rough handling
 behave in a way that frightens or demeans any child
 use any racist, sexist, discriminatory or offensive language
 engage in rough or physical games, including tickling or horseplay
 let allegations a child makes go unchallenged, unrecorded or not acted upon

The Prevent Duty

All Saints Pre-School has a duty to uphold British Values and will endeavour to do this though our EYFS planning – PSED and UW. Giving children choices, respect and allowing them to take risks underpins that value. We will of course celebrate other cultures such as Chinese New Year.

Gateshead Early Years have a policy in place in respect of funded 2 year olds – It states that if a child does not attend the provision for one week of their normal attendance pattern without any reason given and we have been unable to make contact, we must inform the funding officer immediately by e-mail. In addition if there is a social worker or any other agency involved with the family we would follow good practice and contact the relevant professional on the child’s first day of absence where we have not been able to make contact.

In light of the Prevent Duty the Pre-School has adopted this policy for ALL children in their care. This is a clear procedure for also protecting children at risk of radicalisation.

If a child discloses information which can deemed as extremist ideas or terrorist ideology, a referral will be made to the assessment Team in the same way we would make any other referral in respect of safeguarding.

Updated November 2015