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Settling In Policy

All Saints Pre School offers a morning session Monday to Friday inclusive.  We are registered to take children from the age of 2 up until 5 years.   We want children to feel safe and happy in the absence of their parents, to recognise other adults as a source of authority, help and friendship and to be able to share with their parents afterwards the new learning experiences enjoyed in the Pre School.

In order to accomplish this:

We aim to ensure your child’s introduction to our setting is as stress free as possible. Once a place has been offered, we aim to achieve this by inviting you and your child to visit the Pre School prior to your child’s official start date.  This gives an opportunity for you to be introduced to staff  and for your child to engage with the other children giving them a chance to familiarise themselves with everyone.

On day one, we suggest that we go at your child’s pace which could mean that we would ask you to stay with your child.  Leaving the room for short periods of time and coming back in, reassures your child that you are coming back.  This is a process that we will continue until your child is ready to be left, however we do require some co-operation from parents and carers as unnecessary ‘lingering’ prolongs the process and may not benefit your child.  We do recognise that it’s the parents that can suffer separation anxiety and we will support those parents to the best of our ability.  The Pre School staff will guide you through on an individual basis.  Some children just walk in and are ready to play and learn and we together will encourage and support.





January 2013