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Specific Information for Parents

Birthday celebrations

The Pre School celebrates birthdays.  It is optional whether parents/carers wish to bring a cake to be shared between all the children attending on that day.  The birthday child will receive a birthday card and a celebration certificate from the Pre-School to mark the occasion.


The Pre School requests that each child is provided with at least one complete change of clothes.  It is an essential component of educative play that children are able to enjoy art and craft activities with, for example, glue, paste, paint, sand, water, etc. Inevitably children will transfer some of these materials to themselves and their clothing.  We attempt as far as possible to purchase glue, paste and paint which are “washable”, but in practice not everything is washable off all clothing materials. Parents should therefore dress their children with this in mind.  It is preferable that your child wears the Pre-School uniform which can be purchased from us directly. The Pre School will accept no liability for clothing damaged while the child is at the Pre School.

Please ensure your child has the following named items at Pre School:

  • Wellington Boots/Rain coat
  • Sun Hat/Sun Cream
  • Appropriate clothing for the weather conditions
  • Nappy changing items (if needed) this includes nappies, wipes and nappy
  • Sacks.

Please also ensure your child has no added difficulties such as braces or unnecessary belts as they can be difficult to change.  We would also discourage the wearing of jewellery, as chains and some types of earrings can get caught or lost.

Key persons

The Pre School has a key persons system in operation. Your child will be given a member of staff who will be responsible for the initial settling-in period, this will enable your child to form a bond with his/her key-person. Your child’s key-person will also be responsible for keeping a record of your child’s progress and will complete your child’s progress check.  Although this is a legal requirement at the age of 2, the Pre School will do periodical progress checks for all children regardless of age which will be shared with parents/carers.  Please note that the key-person does not have sole charge of your child throughout the morning, we have a shared responsibility for all children.




Notice of absence

If a child is not brought to the Pre School on a day when s/he is normally present, we would be grateful if parents/carers inform the Pre-School by 10am with the reason for the absence and the expected date of return.  You could either call us on 0191 4220445 or send us a text on 07799586840.  Please note this is the Pre Schools mobile number and we will only use it to call or text out in emergencies, so if you need a response to anything you will have to call us.  If the Managers have not heard from the parent/carer after five days (not including Saturday and Sunday) the Pre School reserves the right to de-register the child and offer the place to someone else. If for any reason (e.g. illness or holidays) a child cannot be brought to the Pre School when s/he would normally be present, parents/carers are required to pay the normal fees.


Personal property

Children should not bring sweets or valuables to the Pre School (e.g. jewellery, toys etc.), since staff cannot be held responsible for any personal belongings being lost or damaged.

Sun cream

Due to health risks concerned with over exposure to strong sunlight we have sun watch days when the children are moved out of direct sunlight when outside.  Parents are advised to apply sun cream before each session during the summer season.  We advise parents/ carers to provide sunhats for their children and clothing that covers the arms.


We promote independent toileting for all children and support parents during the potty training period.

Children are encouraged to ask a member of staff if they need to use the toilet. This arrangement enables toileting to be more closely monitored by staff who are then on hand to help with clothes, flushing and to supervise hand washing afterwards. However more confident children may use the toileting facilities independently.


Parents/carers of children not yet completely toilet trained are required to provide sufficient nappies, disposable nappy bags and wipes for each day and cream if needed.

Photographs policy

At All Saints Pre School we like to take photographs of your children in action and their development/ learning experiences for their personal file and make displays inside the nursery. Under no circumstances will these photographs be circulated outside the Pre School, used for promotional purposes or posted on the website unless permission has been received during the registration of your child.

Notice Board

The notice board displays the current information about areas of learning we will be covering, the daily snack menu and general information. Please check regularly.

Collection of Children


If a child is being collected by anyone other than the named person on the registration form, a member of the management team must be informed in advance. A child will not be allowed to leave the Pre School unless these procedures have been followed.


Tracker documents

Each child has their own assessment record known as a Tracker.  These are updated regularly through child observations and are strictly confidential. Parents are able to see the records and discuss their child’s progress at any time.
When your child leaves All Saints Pre School all records are given to the school they will be attending.


Each child has their own peg with their name on for their coat and bag.
Please ensure your child has appropriate clothes for the prevailing weather conditions.  Please ensure all items are named. We regret we cannot accept responsibility for the loss of any item brought into the Nursery or left on the premises.

Children’s Work

Your child will not bring something home every day, as creative work will often be put on display for everybody to see.

Learning Opportunities

Each child is given a wide range of learning opportunities through play, games, music, books and activities to acquire different concepts and skills. The children learn and help each other. Staff encourage their learning in a fun and stimulating way.  The children will also have the opportunity to build up their knowledge and understanding of letters, numbers, colours and shapes in a variety of ways.


Children will not require any additional drinks or snacks as these are provided at snack time.  However if your child does not like milk or water then you may supply your child with a juice drink clearly marked with their name.


If your child has been sick or had diarrhoea, please keep him/her at home for at least 48 hours to reduce the risk of transmission to other children. If your child contracts conjunctivitis or any other easily transmissible infection such as impetigo, we request that you keep them at home until the condition has cleared up.


Head lice

Responsibility for the prevention, detection, control and treatment of head lice lies with parents and guardians. It is our experience that the best advice we can give is that you get into the habit of ‘wet combing’ children’s hair twice a week (even when you do not suspect the presence of lice) as a preventative measure.  If you have any questions please ask a member of staff who will be happy to help.


Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the premises.

Parental Complaints

If you have any cause for complaint please speak to the Pre School Manager.
Complaints will always be treated seriously and sensitively at all Saints Pre School. Complaints will not be ‘swept under the carpet’ or ignored and we will always do our best to resolve any situation.  Please see the complaints policy.

Use of Mobile Phones

The use of mobile phones is prohibited by all visitors who come into the Pre-School this includes all parents and carers.  We take ‘Safeguarding and Child Protection’ very seriously and in light of how easy it is to post photograph’s and videos on the web, we would request that all mobile phones are put away before entering the Pre-School premises.  Failure to do so will result in us asking you to leaving the building.







March 2013